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Our Vision

As adoption of mobile and new web technologies for interaction continues to rise at unprecedented levels, the expectations from the ecosystem of businesses are also evolving. Businesses are responding with offerings and solutions that leverage this knowledge to be more personal, intelligent and contextual in each interaction with their stakeholders. Leading to new revenue streams and increased operational efficiency.

Enterprises need to rapidly bring in this innovation to their offerings in a way that it leverages existing investments and does not create new problems in the future - and make the right technology choices in a standardized, re-usable manner. In addition to adopting the right technology for their requirements, they also need viable models for support and management on an ongoing basis.

Byzan is focused on accelerating this adoption of new technologies for enterprises with its unique stack of products and services.

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  • Byzan's Mobile Accelerator Platform, a platform to rapidly integrate innovative consumer technologies into the enterprise ecosystem.
  • Byzan's Contextual Interaction Platform, a rules based platform to enhance interactions by capturing, integrating and using enterprise customer data with Social, Local and Mobile interaction data for richer solutions.
  • Industry Specific Solutions in Financial Services and Healthcare.
  • Byzan's Smart Integration Model, professional services for usability engineering, development, integration of new technologies and on-going testing & management of enterprise solutions.

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